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Diesel Dog Soil Test Kit available from Particle Test

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The Diesel Dog Soil Test Kit, available from Particle Test , combines advanced technology with a new method to detect and measure fuel contamination in soils, bringing an easy, safe and economical way to analyse samples in the field.

The simple testing procedure utilises isopropyl alcohol rather than ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons for soil extraction. The extract is then placed in the photometer and measures the concentration of the fuel at 254nm.

The Diesel Dog Soil Test Kit is specially designed to test for heavier fuels. It uses a new method approved by ASTM making it useful for federal compliance activities.

The Diesel Dog Soil Test Kit can be used by anyone who needs to map ground contamination or guide cleanup activities, such as environmental contractors, consultants, and laboratories conducting field analyses. Other users are gas and electric utilities, emergency response teams, and environmental agencies.

The Diesel Dog Soil Test Kit is designed and constructed for use in tank farms, refineries, oil production fields, railroad yards, manufactured gas sites, automotive salvage yards, and underground storage and heating oil tank sites. The Diesel Dog Soil Test Kit conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D583.

Features and benefits:

  • Utilises ultraviolet photometer for detection of heavier fuels
  • Works with wet or dry soils
  • Provides accurate test results regardless of operating temperature
  • Self-contained portable kit

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