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At Crea Laboratory Technologies  we specialize in the field of particle characterisation. Due to our focused efforts we offer the best support and understand the needs of what our customers require in the after sales support on instrumentation. Crea Laboratory Technologies represent quality companies such PAMAS, Spectro Inc. and BEL.


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16/08/11 - BELSORP-Max is a high performance volumetric gas adsorption instrument used to obtain useful information about micropore and important for the accurate measurement of adsorption isotherm from low relative
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05/07/11 - K86200 automatic density meters have been designed to provide accurate concentration information in a variety of formats, and are now supplied by Crea Laboratory Technologies.
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07/10/10 - Crea Laboratory Technologies supplies Aerotrak 9310 portable particle counters, which are suitable for customers interested in manually monitoring particle contamination at high flow rates.
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06/10/10 - Pamas S4031 portable particle counters supplied by Crea Laboratory Technologies are specially developed for use in harsh environments, and can be used for batch sampling or for online measurements.
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Unit 4, 4 Teamster Close
Tuggerah Business Park
NSW 2259
Tel: 02 4320 6671
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Crea Laboratory Technologies Brands

Ankersmid Arc Spark BEL miniII BELsorp MAX Electrode (RDE) FluidScan FTIR Fuel Sniffer Koehler Laser Net Fines LNF-C PAMAS BEL PAMAS OLMS PAMAS S40 PAMAS S50 PAMAS SBSS PAMAS Spectro PAMAS Spectro S40 SBSS-C PAMAS SVSS Rotating Disc Spectroil SpectroVisc

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