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Container liners and bags from Crasti & Company

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Crasti & Company  supplies container liners for transporting bulk cargo. Container liners provide a high space utilisation of shipping containers and can be quickly loaded and unloaded with minimum labour cost.

Continuer liners offer security against pilfering and the potential for product loss or damage is significantly reduced compared to shipping bulk in vessels. Some of the products which can be packed in the container liners are resin, sugar, malt, meals, coffee beans, grains, cocoa beans and moisture sensitive powder.

Container liners are manufactured from high quality polyethylene material which makes them strong and stable. Container liners can be easily recycled after use and weigh only 10 kilograms. Once the liners are emptied and folded, they can be easily and economically shipped back to their origin for reuse.

Crasti & Company supplies a wide range of bulk packaging products to suit specific needs. One such model called the SB-3020 model bag has been designed for packaging of abrasive and coarse materials. The bag has two layers of fabric which offers protection from the abrasive contents. The bag can also be customised for leak-proof and can be supplied with multiple layers for abrasive products. SB-3020 model bag is ideal for moving materials from the mining and quarrying industries.

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