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Cargo slings and liners from Crasti & Company

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Crasti & Company  supplies a range of cargo slings such as sling type cargo slings, cap type cargo slings and sack type cargo slings. The cargo slings are an efficient, simple and economical way of handling, transporting and storing products. Cargo slings are ideal for carrying up to 2,000 kilograms of product.

The sling type cargo sling is a cost effective solution for easy packing and handling while the sack type cargo sling offers more protection to the bags and minimises product loss in the event of bag breakage.

The cap type cargo sling has a similar design like the sack type sling but has an extra cap top which completely covers the contents of the sling. Cargo slings are available in 1, 2 and 4 loops. The loops are made from heavy duty woven polypropylene webbing while the fabric is a UV stabilized woven polypropylene and is laminated on both faces. All loop belts are produced from 100% polypropylene fabric.

Crasti & Company supplies liners or large plastic bags in either roll form or pre-fitted into its bulk bags. The liners are used for lining bulk bags to protect the product from moisture or any foreign matter. Liner design varies from single to multiple layers with different variations in composition.

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