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Alternative energy and power generation solutions from Cowell Electric Supply

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Cowell Electric Supply  provides solar power needs ranging from grid connected systems and hybrid stand alone systems through to solar water plumbing systems.

Cowell Electric Supply provides installation of the underground distribution system between wind turbines, high voltage and low voltage cable jointing and terminations, installation of transformers and earthing systems as well as survey, design and construction of transmission lines. In the operation field, Cowell Electric Supply provides management, operation and maintenance of wind farm equipment.

For power generation, Cowell Electric Supply analyses the power systems needs and provides installation of both stand alone and integrated power generation equipment.

Cowell Electric Supply handles operation and maintenance of diesel and gas power generation equipment, overhaul of generating sets as well as installation and commissioning of power stations, generation equipment and associated equipment.

Cowell Electric Supply offers complete maintenance programs in remote areas and mining sites for power, water and waste water. Cowell Electric Supply handles emergency breakdown and repairs of power generation systems, power distribution systems, metering systems, water reticulation systems, water effluent systems, water analysis, gas reticulation systems and air conditioning systems. Cowell Electric Supply also provides training of essential service operators in aboriginal communities.

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