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GSL-2 multi coupler systems from CounterAct Corrosion Protection

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CounterAct Corrosion Protection  provides different types of rust protection accessories for vehicles. Various rust protection accessories specifically designed for off road trucks include bull bars and running boards. These rust protection accessories possess the ability to protect metal as well as chrome accessories.

CounterAct Corrosion Protection provides multi coupler systems such as GSL-2 electronic rust protection systems. GSL-2 electronic rust protection systems can be used for vehicles like pickups and off road trucks. This multi coupler system has been specifically designed for brine harvesting trucks. GSL-2 system possesses strong as well as tough construction and capable of resisting corrosion in different environment.

GSL-2 multi coupler system provided by CounterAct Corrosion Protection comprises of two capacitive couplers. These capacitive couplers are placed either on bed or tray for providing effective corrosion protection to road trucks.

GSL-2 multi coupler system from CounterAct Corrosion Protection has been specifically developed for Ute as well as 4WDs used basically on highways. GSL-2 multi coupler system has the name derived from Great Salt Lake and preferably used for evaporative lagoon brine harvesting operations. This multi coupler system had been developed by CounterAct Corrosion Protection about 15 years back.

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