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Gears, drills and lathes from Cottam Engineering

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Cottam Engineering  specialises in the manufacture as well as repair of several components such as gears, drills and lathes. Cottam Engineering manufactures these gears, drills and lathes specifically for Agricultural and Earth Moving industries. Cottam Engineering basically specialises in gearcutting that include machining of spur, helical as well as internal gears upto diameter of about 1.5 metres. Cottam Engineering has its office located in New South Wales. Cottam Engineering was established in the year 1978. Different clients catered by Cottam Engineering include earthmoving contractors, state government sectors, local government sectors as well as industrial sectors.

Cottam Engineering also provides welding and fabrication services with 10tonne overhead travel crane as well as 5tonne yard cranes. Maag Gear Shapers manufactured by Cottam Engineering are available in different models. Maag SH75 gear shaper is a spur gear with diameters ranging to about 750 millimetres. Different features of this gear shaper include internal gear cutting attachment, auto feed as well as index attachment that have been specifically designed for form tool machining. Cottam Engineering is also involved in case-harden of gears, shafts as well as couplings.

Cottam Engineering provides radial drills having arm of about six feet. Lathes provided by Cottam Engineering have been specifically designed for large capacity production run jobs with dimension of about 630 millimetres and 2000 millimetres. Cottam Engineering also offers both vertical as well as horizontal milling machines. These milling machines can be used for recovering damaged housings.

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