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Understanding fuel and oil additives and equipment maintenance

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Cost Effective Maintenance offers a high quality range of fuel and oil additives formulated to address automotive and machinery problems.

While there has always been a lot of scepticism surrounding the use of fuel and oil additives, modern high performance engines constantly and increasingly face problems with deposits. Fuel systems, combustion chambers, turbochargers, catalytic convertors, diesel particulate filters, exhaust gas recirculation valves, inlet manifolds, crankcases and piston rings are all candidates for fouling deposits that sap performance, efficiency and cause malfunctions.

Businesses have realised the need for purpose designed chemicals that can safely restore cleanliness to all these parts while also ensuring long-term protection. Apart from the high cost of carrying out mechanical repairs to clean or replace these components, companies also have to deal with today’s engines that are designed with very fine operating tolerances, making them more susceptible to smaller amounts of deposits than older technology engines. Additionally, higher operating temperatures assist efficiency, but can produce tougher deposits.

Cost Effective Maintenance’s fuel and oil additives are specifically designed to solve automotive and machinery problems. 

CRD Fuel Enhancer 

Addresses common rail diesel injector problems that cause rattles, smoke and high fuel consumption, with success rate >90%; offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive injector replacement.

Inlet manifold deposits, which can almost close off parts of manifolds, and are regular problems with common rail diesels, can be cleaned with CRD Fuel Enhancer.

FTC Decarbonizer 

Addresses coking of combustion and exhaust spaces and turbos in petrol and diesel engines especially with city work, excess idling or short run times. Offers an alternative to mechanical cleaning and decarbonizing with success rate >90%.

Also resolves problems related to fouled catalytic convertor, diesel particulate filter and EGR with success rate >90%. 

Inlet manifold deposits in common rail diesels can also be cleaned with FTC Dercarbonizer.

Flushing Oil Concentrate

Addresses sludgy engines and dirty oil common in modern petrol engines, older diesels and modern common rail diesels in light vehicles and trucks. Restores complete cleanliness throughout all lubricated parts of the engine, frees up sticking piston rings, restores power, and reduces smoke and blowby in about 40 minutes with success rate >90%, as opposed to rebuilding the engine.

Also resolves diesel overheating problems by allowing the engine oil to do its part in cooling, with success rate >90%.

AW10 Antiwear

Addresses overheating in automatic transmission vehicles caused by prolonged high load work. AW10 Antiwear reduces overheating at the source rather than cooling overheated oil, with success rate >90%.

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