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Solutions to reduce exhaust emissions from Cost Effective Maintenance

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Cost Effective Maintenance  offers three options for controlling and reducing engine emission and smoke and oil consumption.

The FTC Decarboniser, from Cost Effective Maintenance is for engines performing light tasks and excessive idling, like carrying light loads on short and cool runs, for short periods of time. This product removes carbon from top ring, combustion and exhaust spaces and from turbochargers. This allows the engine breathe better and perform at full turbo speed and air delivery, producing a more efficient and faster burn .This product is used in boats, crane trucks, street sweepers, concrete trucks, loaders, excavators and site tippers, to name a few.

Cost Effective Maintenance offers the Cleanpower Fuel Treatment, for thoroughly cleaning the fuel system and rectifying faulty fuel spray patterns, leading to correct fuel mist formation, to provide a cleaner burn with less emission. Cleanpower can be used to restore fuel efficiency in all engines.

FOC (Flushing Oil Concentrate) from Cost Effective Maintenance helps to free up sticking piston rings, enabling them to move and sit freely. This improves oil control and compression, leading to lesser smoke emission. This product is especially for small pre-combustion diesels, light commercial vehicles and those diesel engines that blacken oil quickly. Regular use of FOC is required in underground mining equipment to maintain emission control.

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