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Reduce driver fatigue with bHIP Energy drink

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Fatigue is the direct cause of 60-65% of all haul truck accidents in surface mining operations, according to an article put out by Caterpillar Global Mining. And, according to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, it is responsible for 30% of all fatal accidents.

Tests with a new energy drink supplement, bHIP Energy indicate that major improvements can be achieved in workplace safety and fatigue management to the point where it may be eliminated. According to its supplier, Cost Effective Maintenance (CEM), bHIP Energy drink is a safe, natural energy drink which provides sustained levels of enhanced energy and alertness.

“The potential for improving safety across mine sites is obvious”, says Brid Walker of CEM. Importantly, recommended use of bHIP Energy does not impair sleep quality, and is a sustainable method of fatigue management over the long term.

While most workers feel least alert in the early afternoon, shift workers face the additional challenges of upsetting the body’s circadian rhythms. The period between 2am and 6am has been identified as when the body temperature of humans is at its lowest point in the daily cycle. This also happens to coincide with when we are most tired and least alert. Add to these factors a 12 hour operating shift, and there’s plenty of reason for worker fatigue.

Studies show that fatigue impairs drivers’ awareness, attention span and reaction time, to the point where it is as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Despite mining companies attempts to manage the situation through education, policies and procedures, at the end of the day there are still people falling asleep, says David Edwards, of Caterpillar Safety Services Division.

bHIP Energy drink provides a quantum leap in safety, through fatigue management, for the mining industry, road transport and shift workers in general.

bHIP Energy drink is supplied by Cost Effective Maintenance .

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