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Imorove Engine Cold starting with range of fuel system detergents from Cost Effective Maintenance

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article image Fuel system detergents and decarbonizers from Cost Effective Maintenance

 Cold weather starting becomes increasingly more difficult as engine deposits build up over time. Types of operation, such as excessive idling, short run time, light work and city type driving, all contribute to deposit formation which can result in poor cold start. All these operating conditions do not allow efficient combustion of the diesel or petrol. In addition, poor maintenance and general age will also contribute to deposit build up.

Cost Effecitve Maintaenance offer a range of decarbonizers and fuel system detergents that are proven in assisting with the elimination of cold engine starting.

· Cleanpower Fuel Treatment. Employing specific fuel system detergents, Cleanpower restores full cleanliness to fuel pumps, lines and injectors to restore distorted fuel spray patterns, and provide optimal fuel misting.

· FTC Decarbonizer. This product is unique! It acts as a combustion catalyst to ignite fuel much easier during cold starts. It also burns off carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces at much lower temperatures than otherwise possible. So, even during adverse engine operating conditions, it burns off deposits such as cylinder glaze, combustion and exhaust deposits, even turbocharger deposits.

· Flushing Oil Concentrate. Based on detergents suitable for heavy deposits (rather than solvents), pristine cleanliness can be restored to the whole oil wetted side of the engine. It removes stubborn sludge, hard damaging carbon type deposits, to restore full available compression, and clean efficient lubrication to the engine.

· AW10 Antiwear. This is suitable to add to the engine oil, when restored to clean condition. It does reduce frictional drag throughout all lubricated mating parts of the engine, and as such will reduce the battery’s cold cranking demand.

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