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How to get more reliability and productivity from an aging fleet with Cost Effective Maintenance’s solutions

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article image Cost Effective Maintenance’s products help keep older fleets in service for longer
Cost Effective Maintenance  offers a range of products that can help keep engines of heavy vehicles clean and extend their lifespan.

The current economic climate is making a greater number of businesses seek solutions to keep their trucks, earthmovers and farm machinery in working condition for a longer time. Aging equipment lowers productivity as well as reliability as the machines become more susceptible to component failure.

Brid Walker from Cost Effective Maintenance explains that many fleet owners service their equipment according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. As the equipment gets older, deposits accumulate in the engine that sap performance and increase component stresses. Less frequently maintained machinery has deposits accumulating earlier and faster, impacting the equipment’s performance and increasing operational costs.

Engines suffer the most from deposits such as sludge, piston ring fouling, valve coking, turbocharger carbon, fuel pump and injector deposits, causing significant performance losses, mechanical failures and downtime. Deposits can also form in transmissions, hydraulics, final drives and, in fact, most oil lubricated components.

According to Cost Effective Maintenance, a slightly modified maintenance regime will allow such equipment to recommence duty in a state of near-pristine cleanliness.

Deposits in aging equipment can be safely removed using Cost Effective Maintenance’s Flushing Oil Concentrate, FTC Decarbonizer and Cleanpower fuel system detergent, which not only restore full cleanliness to all types of components but also improve lubrication and cooling to instantly reduce internal stresses.

Additionally, a step reduction in component stresses can be achieved by enhancing the oil’s load carrying ability with AW10 Antiwear. Temperature reductions of up to and above 25°F are regularly reported for gearboxes (manual and automatic), differentials, final drives and hydraulics.

Cost Effective Maintenance’s products are delivering big improvements in the reliability, operating performance and availability of older fleets, demonstrating the viability of keeping older fleets in service for longer.

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