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Flushing oil concentrate acts quickly on engine sludge

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Cost Effective Maintenance  first became aware of severe sludge issues with small diesel engines in the mid-1980, and successfully developed a Flushing Oil Concentrate to safely remove heavy, persistent engine sludge without dismantling engines. This was a major breakthrough in reducing costly repairs, labour and vehicle downtime.

The RACQ advise that sludge can affect almost any make of later model petrol engine and can cause extensive engine damage. Even high quality prestige vehicles have not been immune from the sludge demon with Lexus, Saab and Audi a few in that category. Globally, some 3.3 million Toyota engines have been sludge damaged, and Toyota have been involved in a major class action. Destroy these types of engines, and it’ll cost you $4000 to $8000.

Nowadays, a lot of modern low emission truck diesels e.g. Detroit Diesel Series 60, Cummins M11 and Signature engines, Caterpillar 3500 series engines, old Perkins, Detroit 2 strokes, Hinos, etc that can suffer sludge problems join the ranks.

Fortunately, CEM’s Flushing Oil Concentrate (FOC) makes the solution very cheap and so easy that anyone who changes their own oil can do it. Flushing Oil Concentrate is formulated on purpose specific detergents which directly target normally persistent sludge and also heavy deposits of carbon that have accumulated, which can cause piston ring sticking and power loss. All these deposits are dissolved and suspended in the oil to be safely removed. Flushing Oil Concentrate will literally restore pristine cleanliness to the engine crankcase. In most cases, one flush is all it takes.

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