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Flushing Oil Concentrate from Cost Effective Maintenance – a testimonial

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article image Flushing Oil Concentrate used in Shane Cusack's vehicle

Shane Cusack of Mudgee was impressed with the difference the products from Cost Effective Maintenance made to his old 1990 Nissan GQ Patrol 4.2 Diesel.

He was particularly happy with The Flushing Oil Concentrate. The oil is now a clear honey colour on the dipstick and black smoke has been reduced by about 75%. It still blows a little puff of smoke under hard acceleration, but he believes this will improve even more with the use of the Cleanpower Fuel Treatment and FTC Decarbonizer.

Cusack followed the instructions for the Flushing Oil Concentrate and drained the original oil hot, refilled to maunfacturer’s specs of 9.2L of oil and added the prescribed 125ml of Flushing Oil Concentrate. When he dropped the oil after the 30 min. high (1250rpm) idle, he drained an incredible 14.7L out of it, and after just 5mins the idle had gone from 1250rpm to over 1500rpm and was still climbing, forcing him to reset the idle back down to 1250rpm.

The AW10 Antiwear has improved the gear changes dramatically. It has also reduced the rear diff's very slight whine to less than a whisper. It seems to have made the old Patrol a lot smoother altogether mechanically.

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