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Flushing Oil Concentrate (FOC) available from Cost Effective Maintenance

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article image Flushing Oil Concentrate (FOC) helps to remove sludge from diesel engines

During the 1980’s Cost Effective Maintenance recognised the universal problem of high oil soot in small pre-combustion type diesels, for example; 4x4s. This means that the oil gets black quickly, unlike direct injection diesels. Black oil completely loses its detergency and will actually stain everything it touches black. Engine problems can occur, such as engine sludge and stuck piston rings.

One of the duties of oil is to cool the engine, but it is unable to do this if engine sludge restricts oil flow. A lot of modern petrol engines are now also prone to engine sludge.

Available from Cost Effective Maintenance, Flushing Oil Concentrate is formulated from specific detergents, not solvents. Solvents can often cause issues with oil seals, O-rings, or in extreme cases, crankcase explosion.

Flushing oil concentrate makes it possible for owners to restore full cleanliness to their entire crankcase by removing engine sludge and freeing stuck piston ring deposits.

Those with dirty, thickened oil that have used Flushing Oil Concentrate have often reported back to Cost Effective Maintenance that the oil is so clean they cannot see it on the dipstick.
Flushing Oil Concentrate is simple to use, even for those that change their own oil.

Further information on sludge removal products is available from Cost Effective Maintenance.

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