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FTC Decarbonizer combustion catalyst from Cost Effective Maintenance

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The FTC Decarbonizer combustion catalyst, available from Cost Effective Maintenance , is suitable for safely burning off cylinder glaze and carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces.

Engines using the FTC Decarbonizer become totally free of hard carbon build up.

The FTC decarbonizer is a combustion catalyst that can correct smoke, power loss, heavy fuel consumption, blowby, oil dripping, hard starting, caused by glaze and/or carbon build up.

Engines not working hard enough for long enough e.g. short runs, light loads, excessive idling, cool operating temperature, poor fuel quality causes carbon.

Common applications: Most pleasure boats, site tippers, crane trucks and concrete trucks.

The FTC decarbonizer is suitable for running in new engines and will also kill all diesel fuel growths. Many boating tragedies have been put down to fuel problems and power loss.

The big risk is, if fuel growth is there, it takes a bit of rough water to stir them up and block fuel filters. Power is lost at the time it is needed the most.

Four wheel drivers and remote area travellers can face similar risks and rough roads can quickly stir up tank bottoms and block fuel filters. Fuel growths should not be allowed to proliferate. FTC combustion catalyst is a toxic to all fuel growths.

Low sulphur diesel and fuel pump leaks: The recent introduction of low sulphur diesel has resulted in many diesel fuel pumps starting to leak. This occurs as a result of reducing the aromatic content of the diesel.

Seals shrink as this occurs and if they have a bit of age may develop cracks and leak. The FTC decarbonizer increases the aromatic content of diesel by 500ppm and reduces the incidence of pump leakage.

It will assist in preventing seal leaks caused by reducing the sulphur. Seals that have started to leak, may not necessarily take up due to cracking.

The FTC Decarbonizer is easy to use: Simply add it to the fuel each fill (mix rate1:1600, double dose first) and drive the engine clean. There is no down time.

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