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Engine maintenance solutions from Cost Effective Maintenance

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Cost Effective Maintenance  was established in 1984 by Brid Walker, who has worked earlier in the gold and bauxite mining industry in Papua New Guinea and in Australia. There, as a consultant, he has given invaluable and successful recommendations on emission reduction and prolonging engine life.

Cost Effective Maintenance provides purpose built specific, corrective maintenance solutions for a whole lot of engine related problems. Cost Effective Maintenance claims to be driven by solutions and not by sales, offering advice and solutions (which have an over 90 percent success rate) to customers, instead of the expensive mechanical repair that they would have to otherwise undertake. The solutions provided by Cost Effective Maintenance are for a wide range of problems, like poor fuel economy, overheating, power loss, hard starting, smoke and oil consumption and filthy oil. The solutions suggested by Cost Effective Maintenance lead to regular maintenance, savings on repair bills and enhanced engine performance.

Cost Effective Maintenance also offers a whole range of products, some of which provide both, performance and fuel efficiency benefits. The products include a decarboniser, fuel treatment, flushing oil concentrate, antiwear and a maintenance booklet.

For the convenience of customers, the products can be ordered online from Cost Effective Maintenance, and there are also some special package deals available.

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