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Engine antiwear solutions from Cost Effective Maintenance

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Cost Effective Maintenance  has created a product, the AW10 Antiwear to increase the lubricant load carrying capacity and reduce the wear, friction and heat in engines. It is stated that about 25 percent of the horse power produced by an engine is lost due to friction within the engine.
The AW10 from Cost Effective Maintenance, with its powerful antiwear, antifriction action, is reported to reduce frictional horsepower losses and produces significant horsepower increase of 6 to 13 percent in different kinds of engines. Further, the enhanced load carrying capacity serves to reduce engine rattles and noises, allowing free and smooth revving of engines. The benefits of using this product are reported to be spectacular especially in small two stroke engines.

Cost Effective Maintenance’s AW10 also helps smoother functioning of manual gearshifts, reducing bearing whine, notchiness and rattling. This product is however not suitable for automatic transmissions. The AW10 is good for hydraulic applications and is also useful as anti rust protection.

CEM also supplies a ‘Maintenance Booklet’, which is stated to disclose the ‘secrets of adding long life to your vehicle’.

The booklet makes for easy reading, and is concise and lucid. Whether one is mechanically minded or not, it helps customers to get to know their vehicles, so that they are better equipped to deal with problems that could arise.

Some of the expertise and knowledge gathered over a period of years has been put down in this book and passed on to the customers of Cost Effective Maintenance.

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