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Cleanpower fuel treatment from Cost Effective Maintenance

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Carboned up combustion and exhaust spaces (including turbochargers) do not let the engine breathe efficiently because poor fuel atomisation and reduced turbo boost.

Power loss and poor fuel economy result but can be rectified with the Cost Effective Maintenance’s FTC Decarbonizer combustion catalyst.

Sticking piston rings cause substantial compression loss, impacting power and economy.

Sludge and deposits reduce lubrication efficiency and cause extra internal drag. Flushing oil concentrate used in the oil for 30 minutes restores power and economy.

Fuel system sediments and other fouling deposits interfere with accurate fuel metering and correct fuel atomisation. Marked power and efficiency losses can occur.

Cleanpower fuel treatment is a safe and efficient corrective measure, providing finer fuel atomisation and improved power and fuel economy.

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