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AW10 Antiwear Additive Stops Automatic Transmission Overheating

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AW10 Antiwear from Cost Effective Maintenance is formulated to deliver massive increases in lubricant load-carrying ability, wear reduction and friction reduction.

When internal friction is reduced, heat build-up and component stresses are minimised, making engines last much longer.

Controlled engineering type tests on three different oils confirmed AW10 Antiwear additive’s ability to increase load-carrying ability between 46% and 470% before seizure occurred on the test rig.

The test rig’s bearing temperature was reduced by 69°C under stable load conditions.

The torque required to drive the test rig was reduced by between 34% and 44% on two engine oils, indicating reduced machine frictional losses and efficiency potential.

AW10 Antiwear additive’s performance has been endorsed by long-term field experience.

According to John Tasker who drives a Pajero 2004 NP 3.2L DiD with auto transmission, “While towing my 1500kg caravan I noticed that under load the transmission tunnel was becoming extremely hot. At 45,000km, I added a dose of AW10 Antiwear at the rate of 1% to the auto transmission. Problem solved! 

“I have now been using AW10 in my auto transmission for 45000km with no problems whatsoever. No more excessive heat and changes appear to be smoother. It had all its oils and fluids changed at the 90,000km service, with AW10 again added to the auto transmission. AW10 has been used in the diffs, transfer case, engine and power steering since new.”

AW10 Antiwear additive is also suitable for manual transmissions, final drives, hydraulics and engines.

Phil Riseley of Riseley’s Bulk Haulage who drives a Freightliner FLC112 says, “This prime mover is powered by a Series 60 Detroit with 18-speed Roadranger and Eaton diffs. Use of AW10 resulted in smoother gear shifts especially when cold. No click on fast changes. A slight engine rattle has also disappeared. Temperature reductions going up the Toowoomba range were 25F for the gearbox, 15F front diff and 20F rear diff.”

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