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Gas springs and support bars from Cospaker Pneumatics

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Cospaker Pneumatics  has been selling as well as servicing pneumatic valves, air compressors, cylinders and machinery. The customers of Cospaker Pneumatics consist of companies from various fields such as agriculture, builders, dentists, cabinet making, gold chain makers, engineering, high rise development, food processing, ice machines and Jupiter’s casino. Some of the other clients of Cospaker Pneumatics are kitchen manufacturing, line marking, oral care, steel house fabrication, mineral mining, nutritional foods, paint manufacturing, theme parks, road building machinery, underlay manufacturing, vegetable chips, wood sawmills and more.

Support bar provided by Cospaker Pneumatics, is pressure energy reserve, which is obtained with the help of injecting high pressure nitrogen gas. These support bars are widely used in open truck compartment and rare truck doors of cars. It is also applied in various kinds of modern storage rack, printing machinery, textile machinery, wood working machinery and so on.

The adjusting bar gas spring of Cospaker Pneumatics is a liquid gas integrated component along with high pressure nitrogen gas as energy reservation medium. These adjusting bar gas springs are apt for different kinds of applications that require angle or height adjustment in case of bus seats, office chairs and special mechanical combination such as steering wheel system.

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