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COREL Products has released iGrafx Process 2003 for Six Sigma - a software tool for visualising, simulating, and analysing business processes. It lets users develop Enterprise Process Management solutions through its comprehensive diagramming, modelling and simulation capabilities.

It helps companies visualise, define, document and test enterprise processes without disrupting their operational processes.

This software essentially allows results-based methodology companies to use to identify and eliminate the root causes of poor quality in business processes and to make improvements that generate improved predictable business returns.

By using Six Sigma techniques, companies can now realise increased productivity and higher customer satisfaction while attaining a distinct financial and competitive advantage in the form of reduced costs, improved efficiency and increased profitability.

Six Sigma can be applied in all areas of a company from its receivables department to the manufacturing floor and even its service centres such as customer call centres.

Corel also released iGrafx Process 2003 - a software tool that allows users to develop sophisticated Enterprise Process Management (EPM) models through a graphical interface and then simulate and analyse potential outcomes.

New features allow enterprise customers to creatively and effectively improve the bottom-line results of their business processes and procedures.

Another Corel release is iGrafx Flowcharter 2003 - a business analysis and communications tool that enables organisations to visualise, communicate, measure and improve their business processes.

FlowCharter 2003 publishes diagrams to the Web, publishes them to Microsoft Office applications, creates cause and effect diagrams, auto-zooms to shapes on large diagrams and updates even large diagrams easily.

This is a useful application for combining and transforming an organisation's information, data and graphics into highly-manageable, structured business documents while maintaining version control, audit trails, approval tracking, access control and link management.

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