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Machine vision components offered by Coreco Imaging

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Coreco Imaging , acquired by DALSA Corporation, offers a wide range of machine vision components in the industry. Coreco Imaging also offers various services for the scientific, industrial and medical settings.

The services offered by Coreco Imaging include semiconductor inspection, electronics inspection, flat panel inspection, postal parcel inspection, food packaging inspection, industrial x-ray and medical x-ray.

In the production of semiconductor, costs are driven by yield. Hence producers examine their products at several points between bare wafers and packaged ICs to look for defects as quickly as possible.

The solution is always to confine yield-limiting defects along with reducing the overall time for check up. The tendency is towards more points of inspection by which the system becomes reliable. The imaging systems must offer ever-higher resolution and speed often in the gigapixel throughput range.

Coreco Imaging meets these challenges with some of the highest performance sensors, frame grabbers, cameras, imaging software and vision processors in the industry.

Falcon 4M60 CMOS camera offered by Coreco Imaging provides a resolution of four mega pixel and high frame rates for area scan scrutiny systems.

The better sensitivity of the advanced TDI line scan cameras includes custom designs with MHz line rates, BST and multi-gigapixel throughput which is vital for the high-performance wafer inspection systems.

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