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Reed Construction Data launches Mapping tool within Cordell Connect

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Australia’s leading provider of construction information, Reed Construction Data (formerly Cordell Building Information Services) has launched a revolutionary tool within Cordell Connect, its online project lead service.

The new tool, called Cordell Map-It, allows users of Cordell Connect to select a project and then view it on a map. Users can map one project at a time, or several projects on the one map.

Cordell Connect is a web-based system, which gives users access to information on projects in planning, out to tender, and under construction. The Cordell Connect system also allows users to search and store project information, track updates, manage contact information, and produce marketing letters to relevant companies.

One of the exciting features of Cordell Map-It is the ability to view high resolution aerial maps for various areas across Australia. The Cordell Map-It maps are put together from photographs taken by aircraft and are the ideal resolution, commercially available aerial maps in Australia.

Cordell Map-It also allows users to view property boundaries, street numbers, property area and titles, as well as measure dimensions and the area of land parcels. The features give the clients the opportunity to get a snapshot of the location of one or several construction projects, which can then help to determine the ideal places to position new sales outlets, branches, depots or storage facilities. For property developers especially, the mapping tool combined with Cordell’s project information represents an invaluable resource for highlighting new opportunities.

Another part of Cordell Map-It is the fact that Reed Construction Data can offer this tool to Cordell Connect clients at no extra charge. Reed Construction Data really feel strongly about giving its customers the value for their money and, since Reed Construction Data the only Australian construction information provider who offers this tool, it knows how beneficial its clients will find it.

Other applications for Cordell Map-It include being able to more accurately define sales territories based on the location of projects, as well as enabling better planning of deliveries to construction sites by isolating the best access points.

Cordell Map-It is available now to subscribers of the Cordell Connect service.

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