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New Australian company Cope Air focusing on compressed air management

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Cope Air Technologies Pty Ltd specialises in the supply of simple solutions for compressed air energy management.

Recently established by Ross Cope based on over 30 years of experience in the compressed air industry, Cope Air Technologies is focussed on providing solutions for the management and measurement of compressed air and technical gases employing superior technology and excellent products from reputed manufacturers. 

Managing energy consumption is not only critical for the future but can also provide significant cost savings to companies. The new international standard of ISO 50001 for energy management complements existing ISO standards of ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 140001 for environmental protection. 

Cope Air Technologies’ solutions for compressed air energy management include products that help reduce compressed air consumption and energy costs by improving and optimising compressed air systems using flow meters and measurement software. 

By monitoring the compressed air system, Cope Air Technologies can allocate usage costs and identify any increase in consumption. Monitoring the quality of the compressed air being produced is another vital part of managing the system. For instance, dewpoint and pressure are vital indicators of the operation of system components, providing information on performance and potential component failure. Costly downtime can be avoided by using tools to provide information on the compressed air system. 

Cope Air Technologies offers a whole range of products and software to measure and manage flow, pressure, temperature, dewpoint, air quality and leakage detection. Air audit equipment and software is also available to assist with user reporting for energy management and for total measurement and management of the compressed air system.

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