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Lighting solutions from Coolon

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Coolon  offers a wide range of lighting solutions and LED lighting products for wide range of applications such as architectural or commercial, entertainment, outdoors, residential, retail, safety and security.

Coolon offers lighting solutions for residential applications which include patio, garden, bathrooms, bedrooms, wall lighting, splash back lighting for kitchens, pendant lights, decorative lights and lights for home theatres and media rooms.

Coolon also offers various stage lighting, theatre lighting, display case lighting to name a few. For architectural purposes, Coolon offers cove lights, accent lights, strip lights, wall washers, landscape lighting, underwater lighting etc. Coolon also provides lighting for refrigerated display and for special effects.

The lighting solutions provided by Coolon include LED strips, Colour Wash Series, LED displays etc. LED Strips usually provide feature lighting, back lighting and accent lighting. LED strips can be used in combination with diffusers which include acrylic materials that are semi-translucent in nature. This enables even light distribution consequently leading to a glow that is devoid of patches and dots.

LED strips from Coolon are usually used when there is limited space for the source of the light. LED strips can be used to decrease glare from the light source. LED can also be used in places that are difficult to be accessed.

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