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Lighting products and solutions from Coolon

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Coolon  manufactures LED lighting products and provides several kinds of lighting solutions. The lighting products are widely used in places such as homes, parks, gardens and architectural spaces. The various lighting solutions and products offered by Coolon are eco friendly lighting solutions, including LED strip lighting, colour wash series, fibre optic series, emblazon lights series, LED displays and controllers & power supplies.

Fibre optic kits when installed give a starry sky. Eco friendly lighting series uses latest lighting technology. This provides minimal heat production and long life span. No toxic substances like mercury are used. LED strips are well suited for back lights, decorative and featured lighting. Colour wash series from Coolon helps in projecting coloured light exactly where it is needed and gives a striking effect.

Emblazon lights from Coolon are used to gently change colours to suit the mood or occasion. They are a sophisticated range of lights. Apart from the lightings, Coolon also provides controllers and power suppliers with all related cables and connectors.

Coolon provides lighting design and consultancy services from experienced engineers and designers in compliance with Australian Standards and building codes. 3D modeling and animations on lighting are special services offered by Coolon. Coolon customises its lighting solutions in accordance with the customer preferences and requirements.

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