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Temperature Mapping Services from CoolPac

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CoolPac  offers temperature mapping services for warehouses and cool rooms to ensure product storage at appropriate temperatures as required by regulatory authorities.   

The TGA and various regulators require companies to ensure that the temperature of their fridges, freezers and warehouses is maintained at the appropriate level to store product.   

TGA ensures compliance through regular audits of refrigerated facilities. Temperature mapping is the best way to make sure warehouses and cool rooms are compliant with established requirements.  

Compliance with temperature norms ensures that the cold chain is maintained to sustain product efficacy.

Temperature mapping comprises of four activities: 

  • Protocol preparation
  • Execution of protocol
  • Analysis of data
  • Reporting of results
CoolPac can provide any or all of these activities as well as ongoing routine temperature mapping after the initial execution.

Backed by several years of experience in temperature mapping and related validation and qualification activities, CoolPac can quickly and cost-effectively prepare protocols, analyse data and develop reports.

CoolPac’s temperature monitoring equipment incorporates wireless capability, allowing them to easily and cost-effectively assess large warehouse and cold room installations.  

CoolPac conducts temperature mapping in real-time, providing significant advantage over the standard multiple battery-operated data logger approach.

Temperatures should be measured within the space in the warehouse or cool room from top to bottom, side to side and front to back as well as areas that are likely to have temperature variations such as near doors, fans, vents and corners. 

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