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A-JET Turbo Fog dust suppression machines from CoolMist Systems Australia

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article image Billions of water droplets capture airborne dust particles at crushing plant

CoolMist Systems Australia Pty Ltd  offers a range of dust suppression machines specially designed for the mining, industrial and quarry sectors.  

Featuring hydraulic operating systems designed to effectively suppress and control hazardous dust, the A-JET Turbo Fog dust suppression machines have been engineered and manufactured as a powerful and effective solution for use in mining, quarrying, demolition and construction sites in addition to cement plants, landfills, recycling and scrap, steel and slag as well as ship load-out facilities.  

A-JET Turbo Fog dust suppression machines are designed specifically for low power, low volume water atomisation to provide effective dust control with minimal surface area wetting. Mist from the advanced, yet user-friendly Turbo Fog captures fugitive dust particles to create better conditions for workers as well as the neighbouring communities.  

A-JET Turbo Fog dust suppression machines combine a powerful fan and micro-nozzles mounted on individual nozzle crowns to atomise billions of micro-fine water droplets, attracting and capturing similar sized airborne dust particles and dropping them to the ground.  

Manufactured in standard modules, the A-JET Turbo Fog can be purchased in a basic configuration and upgraded with various components such as a rising boom or a generator to create a customised machine that meets specific dust suppression requirements.  

Key features of A-JET Turbo Fog dust suppression machines:  

  • Remote controlled operation with programmable functions
  • Can work autonomously or be configured in a group to provide a complete dust suppression solution
  • Available in two sizes with throw lengths of 65 metres and 35 metres
  • Works efficiently in small internal areas as well as large open areas
  • Current misting modules can cover areas up to 13,000m²
  • Robust and versatile with low energy and water consumption

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