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Cost effective cooling solutions from Cool-Space Australia

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Cool-Space Australia  is the Australian arm of Advanced Radiant Systems, Inc. CoolSpace is a revolutionary technology that has been developed by Cool-Space Australia. Using the coolers supplied by Cool-Space Australia, a space can be cooled at the fraction of the cost of standard air conditioners. Using the CoolSpace systems to cool an area results in substantial savings in cooling cost for the customers.

The coolers supplied by Cool-Space Australia have been developed after considerable research and hence these are highly efficient cooling units. The cooling solutions supplied by Cool-Space Australia can reduce the temperature of surrounding areas by as much as fifteen degrees in some cases.

Quality materials are used in manufacturing the CoolSpace range of coolers. This ensures that customers get years of trouble free service from these products. The CoolSpace coolers use Evaporative cooling to cool a space. Evaporative cooling has been used for hundreds of years to cool spaces.

Since the CoolSpace Coolers from Cool-Space Australia does not have any Freon, compressors, or coils the maintenance costs of these units is considerably lower when compared to conventional air conditioning units.

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