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Air cooling products from Cool-Space Australia

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The CS5-36 from Cool-Space Australia is a high-efficiency portable evaporative cooler. The CS5-36 draws air across water saturated cooling pads, which forces the air to evaporate the water, resulting in removal of heat from the air and cooling the room in the process.

The CS5-36 from Cool-Space Australia is constructed from durable industrial grade components hence it does not require much maintenance. The housing of the CS5-36 is made from corrosion-free polyethylene. This results in long life for the system and prevents rust and other corrosives in the environment from corroding the body of the product.

The fan of the CS5-36 is galvanised for enhanced corrosion resistance and the motor of the CS5-36 has been specifically designed for wet applications and is TEAO moisture resistant. All the other components in the CS5-36 are designed for heavy duty wet applications to ensure long life of the unit.

A number of accessories are available for the water coolers supplied by Cool-Space Australia. These accessories increase the functionality of the coolers. Accessories like directional

louvers, scale and algae treatment tablets, flexible duct kits, pad filters, lint screens, storage covers and pneumatic tires are supplied by Cool-Space Australia.

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