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Cool Breeze Rentals range of air conditioners

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Cool Breeze Rentals  range of air conditioners include CB 3800 that are suitable for smaller areas or multiple units can be used in large areas. The air conditioner lowers noise levels and distributes cooling. CB 3800 air conditioners has temperature control, intelligent control system, two speed fan, and a 24 hour timer.

CB 4900 air conditioners shares similar features like CB 3800. CB 6600 air conditioners with a cooling capacity of 6.6 KW gives extra airflow and cooling effects. CB 6600 too shares similar features like CB 3800 and CB 4900.
Moving cool 15SF air conditioners are designed for rugged surroundings and are suitable for commercial and industrial work centers. 15SF air conditioners comes with flexible air ducts that directs the cold air to desired places.

Pedestal fans with a diameter of 635mm uses three speed controls: oscillation, adjustable tilt, and adjustable height. Pedestal fans comes with a heavy duty cast iron base and a chrome plated guard with locking chips. Mancooler fans are available in single and three phase. Mancooler comes with variable pitch, aerofoil blades attached to a motor coated in steel encasing with finger proof guards, supported with tubular frame and rubber wheels.

Versa cool is an evaporative cooler that comes in mobile casters. Versa cool air conditioners are suitable for large areas. They are resistant to corrosion, comes with lifting handles, and a centrifugal fan.

WA9000 air conditioners are suitable for smaller rooms. Other accessories include portable dust collector and filter box.

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