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Cooee DustBloc cutting water usage

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Cooee 's DustBloc product is proving to be at hit with companies struggling to control dust problems on their roads while conserving their diminishing water resources.

Cooee Dust Control is a series of spray applications using Cooee DustBloc diluted with water.

DustBloc is a modified bitumen emulsion. It is diluted with water at a suggested minimum of 20:1 and a suggested maximum of 40:1.

Following the evaporation of water, the bitumen film is left to adhere to the dust particles. This adhesion makes the dust particles heavier and less likely to become airborne when disturbed by vehicle traffic or wind.

The emulsion is designed so that it can be used easily through conventional spraying equipment and is mixed and applied at room temperature.

DustBloc is proving successful in:

• conserving water (up to 90% reduction in water use)

• reducing equipment use (such as water trucks)

• reducing environmental and O.H.S. issues

• reducing overall dust control costs

• controlling dust using existing equipment and available water

Cooee Dust Control is best suited to organisations that operate dust control programs by continually spraying water.

"When water evaporates you are left with dust - when DustBloc evaporates you are left with bitumen."

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