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Bitumen and additives from Cooee Products

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Cooee Products , supplies Dustbloc, which is a mixture of bitumen and Cooee Products' FT50 additive. The FT50 additive activates the bitumen to easily combine with all types of water. This combination helps in binding the bitumen onto the road. Advantages of using modified emulsion bitumen from Cooee Products helps in saving water, improves road conditions, provides safety, is easy to use and is environmentally safe. Dustbloc is non-toxic and has passed through hydrocarbon Leach tests.

Another product from Cooee Products called EcoTrax is a modified bitumen emulsion. In EcoTrax, a hydrophobic binder is used as a road base material. EcoTrax can be used at room temperature and readily mixes with all types of water. EcoTrax from Cooee Products is durable and helps in bringing down maintenance cost. It is water based and acts as a barrier against fumes and fires. EcoTrax emulsion from Cooee Products  provides a uniform coverage that is difficult to achieve in other standard bitumen emulsions.

TimberTreat ia another product supplied by Cooee Products. It is used for wood protection. TimberTreat is non-toxic, oil in water emulsion, and is environmentally safe. The use of wax material protects the wood's surface. TimberTreat from Cooee Products is waterproof, hard wearing and reduces flaking, peeling, cracking, warping and twisting. TimberTreat is available in popular colors and can be used on verandas, decks, and patios.

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