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 Stainless steel braided hose assemblies. Flexible metal hose assemblies. Stainless steel braiding. Thermal Protective Sleeving. Silco sleeve. Fiberglass sleeve. Sillica sleeve. Convoluted Hose. Corrugated Hose. Pressure Welding Service. Food Grade Welding. Bitumen hose. AS2475 bitumen end connections.


Supplier news
26/09/12 - Convoluted Technologies manufactures a range of bitumen hoses, along with bitumen hose assemblies for use with these bitumen hoses.
Supplier news
26/09/12 - Bitumen fittings, such as bitumen hoses from Convoluted Technologies, help to ensure that hot bitumen is transported and handled in a safe manner.
Supplier news
26/03/08 - Convoluted Technologies offers a wide range of sleeve products to protect the hoses, cables and wires.
Supplier news
25/03/08 - Convoluted Technologies is engaged in providing a wide range of protective sleeving products, pressure pipe welding products, pressure testing products, flexible metal hose products and food grade fitting products.

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Unit 2
163 Prospect Highway
Seven Hills
NSW 2147
Tel: 02 9838 9599
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