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Roller, pallet and belt conveyor systems from Conveyor Solutions Australia

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Conveyor Solutions Australia  offers conveyor systems including rollers, belts and pallets. Conveyor Solutions Australia is also a member of The Anthony Group. The rollers from conveyor systems are of various types including gravity conveyors, tangential conveyors, toothed belt conveyors, line shaft conveyors and intelliveyor conveyors.

Gravity conveyor rollers from Conveyor Solutions Australia are economical and can be easily mounted in a simple frame. The frames used are made from steel and aluminium. Gravity rollers are ideal for flat and hard bottom products and suit all types of products ranging from small box to bins. The Interroll range of tangential chain driven roller conveyor is efficient and effective. It is powered using gear motor drive station which is placed inside the conveyor side frame. Conveyors up to 15m can be driven from single length of chain.

Conveyor Solutions Australia also offers pallets which include roller and chain conveyors. Roller conveyors are ideal for moving heavy loads. The use of roller conveyors helps in assuming that the pallet is side loaded. Roller conveyors come with steel duplex sprockets. The side frames are powder coated and are available in different heights. Belts offered by Conveyor Solutions Australia include belt curves, belt merges, flat belt conveyors and modular chain or segmented belt conveyors.

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