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Conveyor automation systems from Conveyor Solutions Australia

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Conveyor Solutions Australia  offers conveyor automation systems including conveyor stops, conveyor diverters, conveyor pushers, conveyor transfers, conveyor lifters, conveyor turntables and conveyor pallet dispensers.

Conveyor transfers from Conveyor Solutions Australia are available in various sizes and types. Conveyor transfers differ from a conveyor diverter. Conveyor transfers are capable of lifting different types of flat bottomed products, ranging in weights up to 1500Kg. Conveyor transfers are ideal for pallet and roller chain conveyors.

Conveyor stops are components used for conveyor systems which utilise accumulation and transfer automation. Conveyor stops include pin stops, fixed stops, pivoting conveyor sections, blade stops and pallet stops. The movement is offered through pneumatic cylinder. Conveyor stops are ideal for pallet chain and roller conveyor.

Conveyor Solutions Australia offers conveyor pallet dispensers including Tyne type and bin type. Tyne type dispenser’s lowers stack of empty pallets to a conveyor, the tynes retracts and then extends. The pallets are left behind by stacking off the conveyor. This pallet is later released into system.

Conveyor turntables from Conveyor Solutions Australia are used in handling pallet systems. When used within the conveyor system, the turntable will not change the board orientation of the pallet. Conveyor turntable comes with pallet chain which is mounted to a slewing ring. This slewing ring can be rotated through chain powered electric motor.

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