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Inverted Power and Free conveyors, available from Webb Conveyor Company of Aust. allow direct delivery of anodes from baking furnaces to the casting station. Features such as reliable delivery, controlled accumulation, and accurate pouring positioning make this time proven technology ‘state-of-the-art‘ for aluminium production applications.

Rodding Room - Power and Free conveyors are an ideal material handling choice for this demanding environment. They offer high volume throughput, extreme durability, rugged dependability, and are simple to operate and maintain. Typical applications include stub heating, casting stations, spray stations, butt removal, and rod straightening operations.

Additional advantages of Webb Power and Free conveyors include:

  • Accumulation capability that provides flexibility for delivering anodes, allows for production differentials, can add buffer areas between operations and integrate easily for automatic or semi-automatic loading and unloading operations.
  • Webb Microloy Rivetless High Strength Chain is recognised as the most rugged conveyor chain available in the industry.
  • WebbAlloy High Strength Steel Track with the exclusive “lug channel” design is stronger than other conveyor track. It has greater abrasion resistance and better load carrying characteristics than plain carbon steel, assuring longer life under most service conditions.
Anode delivery to Pot Room - Because of the simple accumulation feature and dependable transportation characteristics of power and free, it has the unequalled ability to efficiently deliver anodes to the Pot Room – while automatically buffering the production capacity differentials between the Rodding Room and the Pot Room.

Anode water cooling process - Only the anode itself is exposed to the cooling fluid bath. The operating components of the overhead conveyor system are located well away from the coolant water to help extend conveyor life and increase operating efficiency.

Webb’s engineering expertise and full product line includes:

  • Automatic and semi-automatic load / unload stations
  • Automatic and manual butt presses
  • Automatic thimble presses
  • Rod repair and reconditioning equipment
  • Automated or semi-automated casting systems
  • Anode cleaning equipment
  • Bath handling equipment
  • Carbon bakes furnace and tending equipment
  • Overhead and inverted power and free conveyors
  • Heavy-duty roller conveyors
  • Bar-flight conveyors
  • Lifting / positioning devices
  • Carousels
  • Walking beams
System Design and Integration

Webb’s full service “turnkey systems” capabilities include combining material handling equipment with process machinery and integrated controls for any rod assembly configuration used in the aluminium industry.

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