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Light to heavy duty roller conveyors from Webb Conveyor Company of Australia

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article image Light and heavy duty roller conveyors

The Webb Conveyor Company of Australia  now have a range of light to heavy duty roller conveyors available.

Roller conveyors from the Webb Conveyor Company of Australia feature standard bolt-together components available in a broad range of sizes and weight capacities. The company also offer the accessories necessary to customise their roller conveyor systems to meet specific load, operation, and space requirements.

The Webb Conveyor Company of Australia's range of roller conveyors include:

Gravity roller conveyors

Gravity roller conveyors are low cost, simple, material handling conveyors, and are widely used due to their ease of maintenance, low unit cost, and simplicity.

Chain driven live roller conveyor 
This conveyor provides positive drive for single or bi-directional transportation of small, medium or large loads, and is capable of low pressure accumulation with the use of plastic slip sleeves on the rollers.

Pallet accumulation conveyor
This conveyor consists of separate zones of chain driven live roller conveyor, each powered through a mechanical clutch. The clutch controlled zone allows loads to advance to the farthest downstream empty zone. Each zone is signalled and disengaged in succession, providing accumulation with zero line pressure.

Multi-strand chain conveyor
Loads on the multi-strand chain conveyor are transported on two or more strands of double pitch roller chain. Multi-strand chain conveyors are ideal for handling loads that cannot be conveyed on roller conveyors such as wire baskets, containers with feet, and pallets with poor integrity.

Chain transfers
Chain transfers are short runs of two or more strands of double pitch chain conveyor built into a chain driven live roller conveyor. The transfer chains rest below the rollers. When activated by an air operated lifting device, they pop-up beneath the load and provide right angle transfers off the conveyor.
Roller transfers
Roller transfers are small sections of roller conveyor built between the strands of a multi-strand chain conveyor and work in the same way as chain transfers.

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