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Floor skid conveyor systems from Webb Conveyor Company of Australia

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article image Floor skid conveyor systems have a roller bed framework with a range of features

Floor skid conveyor systems from Webb Conveyor Company of Australia are modular designed systems that utilise standard components, but offer enough options to meet a wide range of challenges.

The Webb Conveyor Company of Australia offer two drive options for their floor skid conveyor systems; the traditional steel chain drive or the new vulcanised steel cord rubber belt drive configuration.

In applications where chain drive is not required, the alternative belt drive system provides a quieter, less expensive, and lower maintenance drive system for the application. Either the chain driven or belt driven system can be used in the production and accumulation type conveyors.

Tthe Webb Conveyor Company of Australia's floor skid conveyors feature a roller bed framework, specially constructed to accommodate the variety of mounting arrangements which may be required for production processes. Incorporated in this construction design are turntables, lifts, and cross transfers. These roller beds are engineered to easily accommodate the skid size and drive motor configuration best suited for the needs of each project.

The turntables incorporated into these roller beds are available in automatic or manually operated configurations and can be designed to stop in any position the process may require. To enhance stability and smooth operation of the turntable, a large slewing ring bearing has been included into the rotational design. Lifting mechanisms are easily incorporated into these turntables for additional line efficiencies.

The lifting devices are raised and lowered by two extra wide vulcanised steel cord rubber belts for quiet, high capacity performance. The vertical lifting belts have a capacity rating that, if required, allows the load to be maintained by only one of the two belts. To help prevent a runaway load situation, a ratcheting type safety device is is fitted with the lifting mechanism.

Cross transfers are available as a single unit running all skids at once, or as an overlapping arrangement that allows independent movement of each conveyor system. Cross transfers can house a variety of devices between the belts, including holding tables and lift tables, to reduce floor space requirements. Cross transfer units also have chain or belt powered tracks on both sides of the conveyor.

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