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Standard Automatic Guided Carts and customised Automatic Guided Carts are both available from Webb Conveyor Company of Aust .

Smartcart automatic guided cart - The Smartcart automatic guided carts are a flexible material handling solution. It is a battery powered magnetic tape or bar guided automatic guided cart that is simpler and less expensive than traditional automatic guided vehicles.

Features of the Smartcart automatic guided carts:

  • Fast installation of the magnetic tape guide path ensures maximum flexibility for faster installations or quick guide path modifications.
  • The guide path can be installed in advance of product changeover, significantly reducing production downtime.
  • An in-floor wire guide path is an option on your Smartcart automatic guided cart.
  • The Smartcart is capable of variable speeds from 3m/min – 36m/min. It has a capacity up to 1,814 kg and is easy to install.
  • The SmartCart is ideal for use as an assembly platform in low to medium volume production where the product is set on a fixture attached to the drive module frame or to an optional load handling frame up to 152 cm x 304 cm.
Assembly production rates can be increased or decreased on demand simply by adding or removing Automatic Guided Cart’s from the line. This is a substantial benefit over conventional assembly conveyor methods which require the assembly line to be designed and installed up front for the maximum potential production rate.

The SmartCart can be used as a load carrier, with load platform or transfer mechanism such as a non-driven conveyor bed. A prime area for cost savings in manufacturing plants is in process inventory reduction. A SmartCart system will move material between stations with regularity and predictability.

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