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ControlVision Australia offers robotic products

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ControlVision Australia  is specialist in offering robotic products from Adept Technology. Wide range of mechanisms are provided by Adept Technology and serves markets including semiconductor, food, medical, industrial, consumer goods, medical devices and pharmaceutical sectors. The robotic products from ControlVision Australia include Adept Cobra 600 and 800 series, Adept cobra s350, Adept MotionBlox-10, Adept python linear modules.

Adept Cobra 600 and 800 series of robots from ControlVision Australia come with electronic embedded in the robot arm. The Cobra 600 and 800 series are ideal for external applications and come with 5.5 kg max payloads. Adept Cobra s530 SCARA robot is designed such a way that it features small motion envelope and maintains payloads and high speeds. This robotic product can be used in material handling, packaging, screw driving, mechanical assembly, machine tending and precise automation. Adept Cobra s350 SCARA robot can reach upto 350mm and come with maximum of 5.5 kg payloads.

Adept viper is a six axis robot with envelopes ranging from 650mm to 1700 mm and payloads include 5 – 20 kgs. It is ideal for articulated applications. ControlVision Australia offers Adept MotionBlox-10 servo kits which are convenient and economical. These Adept MotionBlox-10 servo kits come with plugs which are compatible. The SmartServo network use IEEE 1394 protocol and it provides real time communications with each axis. These motors come with and with out brakes.

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