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AS-Interface integration path

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article image Woodhead AS-Interface Gateway.

THE Woodhead AS-Interface Gateway line provides an easy integration path for AS-Interface sensors and actuators into other fieldbus systems such as Profibus, Ethernet, or DeviceNet.

Available through Control Synergy , the Gateway acts as a Master in the AS-I system and as a slave for the selected Fieldbus system.

For the Master of the fieldbus system the AS-Interface Gateway always behaves like a modular I/O device. System setup as well as error handling can be done without any serial communication, simply by using the buttons and display on the Gateways.

The AS-Interface system is a single master/slave system with cycling polling. Each network supports up to 62 slaves, each with up to four input and three output.

In summary up to 248 inputs and 186 outputs can be connected on each rung. With a single flat cable, power and information are transmitted to each slave.

In addition to the data exchange, AS-Interface network supports a detailed diagnostic interface regarding the power behaviour of the network.

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