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Plug-in surge protection for process I/O

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article image Multistage protection included.

THE new Novaris SL series of plug-in surge protectors provides protection against induced surges and transients in twisted pair signalling lines.

Available from Control Logic , they can be used to protect PLC I/O, PLC signalling interfaces, fire and security systems, telecommunications and telemetry, railway signalling, and other industrial monitoring and control equipment.

Multistage protection is included in each plug-in module, which may be easily changed whilst the DIN rail mount base module containing the wiring terminals remains intact.

As well as models suitable for most signalling schemes a series surge protector for 12V and 24V power circuits and a range of interposing relays are available.

The new Novaris SL plug-in protector is only 7mm wide. It maximises space within marshalling cubicles and allows for easy retrofit. It can simply replace two 4mm terminals with room to spare.

The plug-in surge protection modules allow for easy, quick and cost effective replacement. The failsafe design means identification of a module failure is straightforward, as the circuit will open an isolate the line.

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