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article image Remote operation via local network or the Web.

RED Lion Controls, represented in Australia by Control Logic , has released G3 human-machine interface (HMI) panels that allow remote operation via local network or the Web.

The panels are suitable for use in packaging, plastic injection molding, footwear manufacturing, food and beverage processing, chemical and petroleum processing, pulp and paper industries.

They have three serial ports and an expansion card, accommodating up to five different protocols. This allows communication with a virtually unlimited number of PLCs, PCs, drives, PID controllers and other devices. Communication among devices operating on differing protocols provides new flexibility for machine designers. Each port is operable at up to 115,200 baud.

All panel functions can be monitored and controlled over a local area network or the Internet using integrated connectivity that converts any attached device's serial protocol to onboard 10 Base T/100 Base-TX Ethernet. A built-in USB port provides data exchange with a connected PC, and CompactFlash support allows virtually unlimited data storage, free from battery concerns. The remote display function creates a web page that duplicates the appearance and readings of the panel.

Red Lion's G3 family of operator panels supports outgoing email, allowing notification messages to be sent to pagers, mobile phones or other mail-enabled devices whenever a process parameter exceeds predefined limits. This makes it easy for maintenance personnel to stay in touch with plant operation wherever they are.

The interfaces are available in three models. The G303 has a backlit 81.2mm graphic LCD surrounded by a 32-key membrane keypad, three user-programmable LEDs and 4MB of onboard Flash memory.

The G308 has a 195.5mm DSTN passive matrix VGA colour display with an integrated seven-key programmable membrane keypad and 8MB of onboard Flash memory. The G310 has a 264.1mm active matrix VGA colour display. The two larger models include an resistive analogue touchscreen built to withstand daily use.

All Red Lion HMIs are supplied with the company's Crimson software, including updates, support, cabling instruction and drivers for virtually any device. If a driver does not exist for a customer's device, Red Lion will write one at no charge.

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