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Seika XB series sensor boxes from Control Devices (Aust) for harsh conditions

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Control Devices (Aust)  presents an extra robust range of sensor boxes from Seika designed to withstand harsh operating conditions, aggressive fluids and saltwater.

Seika XB series sensor boxes with pressure-, saltwater- and corrosion-proof sensor housings have been introduced as an alternative for the SB series housings to ensure reliable performance in harsh environments.

The XB sensor box features a stainless steel construction with integrated sensors and one of the sensor electronic systems used in the SB sensor casings. The compact construction of the PG stainless steel cable gland and stainless steel housing enables the use of the high quality measuring systems in harsh operating conditions.

The XB sensor boxes are designed for taking precise inclination or acceleration measurements and returning of a 0-5V or 4-20mA output signal. The sensor boxes have been successfully implemented in construction, mining, agricultural machinery, transportation and conveyor systems, ships, aggressive fluids and saltwater, high pressure environments, automation technology as well as general mechanical engineering.

Key features of XB sensor boxes:
  • Extra robust, pressure-, saltwater- and corrosion-proof stainless steel housing
  • Twist-free 4-point fastening of rigid 3.2mm thick base PCB
  • All sensors installed as in SB1I, SB2I, SB1S, SB1U, SB360 and SBS1U
  • All Seika sensors fit the housing and can be installed in different directions of operation
  • Sensors and sensor electronics electrically isolated from housing
Technical specifications:
  • Housing material: V4A (saltwater proof)
  • Cable fixing: PG9 cable gland, clamping range 8mm-10.5mm
  • Compressive strength: 10 bar (1Mpa), 100m WS
  • Terminals: Depending on the built-in board
  • Operating temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC
  • Options: Custom measuring ranges, calibration protocol, silicon encapsulation and custom wiring

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