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Robust XB Sensor Boxes from Control Devices (Aust).

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The XB sensor boxes are extra robust stainless steel measurement sensor housings from Control Devices (Aust) . They are pressure-, saltwater- and corrosion-proof for use in applications with harsh operating conditions, aggressive fluids and saltwater. All SEIKA measurement sensors (SB1I, SB2I, SB1S, SB1U, SB360, SBS1U) can be installed in the housing and in different directions of operations.  

The XB sensor boxes are typically used for taking precise inclination or accelation measurements and returning of a 0.5V output signal. They are most suitable for applications within mining, agricultural machinery, transportation and conveyor systems, ships, in aggressive fluids and in saltwater, in high pressure environments, operation and automation technology as well as general mechanical engineering.

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