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New SB1I Sensor Boxes from Control Devices (Aust) for harsh conditions

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The SB1I sensor boxes from Control Devices (Aust) are pressure die cast aluminium sensor housings (IP65) with an integrated sensor for measuring uniaxial acceleration or inclination. The compact metal cable guide and housing size, when working with the 2-wire connection system, enables the use of this measuring system in harsh operating conditions and environments. It is also saltwater proof and fits all SEIKA sensor models which can be installed in different directions of operation.  

The SB1I sensor boxes contain a signal conditioner with 4…20mA, 2 wire output and a stable supply voltage that feeds off the electricity loop. This integrated signal conditioner consists of an active low pass filter, whose upper cut-off frequency and settling time can be easily adjusted depending on the measurement task, an output stage with current limitation, a noise voltage filter and a diode bridge for unipolar coupling to the current loop.  

Unwanted ground currents can often cause interference signals, but these are avoided by the SB1I sensor boxes by electrically isolating the sensor and signal conditioner from the robust housing.  The unique electronic temperature compensation system aims to reduce the temperature sensitivity of the implemented sensor.

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