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Control Devices (Aust) offers Penny + Giles JC400 fingertip joysticks

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JC400 fingertip joysticks, now stocked by Control Devices (Aust) , have been developed for use in applications where compact size and functionality are important, offering proportional fingertip control in up to three axes.

Designed to provide maintenance-free operation throughout an operating life of more than five million operations, these industrial joysticks are typically used in a variety of applications, including:

  • remote control chest packs
  • CCTV camera controls; and
  • operator controls in construction, agricultural or material handling equipment.
A range of ergonomic handles are available for JC400 fingertip joysticks, which feature either rotary operated potentiometers, or switches, for a third axis of control, or 'Person Present' switches that can be used to improve the integrity of a control system.

Installation flexibility is provided by the use of different forms of mounting flanges independent of the function of the joystick. In addition, analogue track models are supplied with side exit cables to minimize the required under panel depth.

JC400 fingertip joysticks also feature:

  • IP65 sealing above the flange
  • lever gate profile and lever spring strength options
  • superb proportional control with analogue and switched outputs
  • a choice of track resistance values and output ranges; and
  • digital (switched) output option with detent mechanism.

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