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ALPHA-C load cells from Control Devices (Aust)

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Control Devices (Aust)  presents ALPHA-C load cells designed to measure forces such as weight, load, pressure and torque.

ALPHA-C admits connection to several bridge type transducers such as load cells with low level signals up to ±300 mV and excitation voltage 10 V or 5 V DC @ 120 mA that allows connection up to 4 or 8 parallel cells.

The programming menu allows the user to select input sensibility, provides two display scaling methods and two filter types with 10 levels each, displays value round, and enables selective locking of programming parameters as well as back to factory configuration.

Key functions of ALPHA-C load cells:

  • Reading up to ±32000 points
  • Signal linearization of up to 30 points
  • 36 programmable logical functions
  • Direct access to the setpoint values
New features in ALPHA-C load cells version C2.00:

  • 3 tare mode
  • Sensor break detection (any wire)
  • Fail safe independently programmable on each relays
  • Function R.O.C. (Rate of Change)

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